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Counter display XP02 KSD04

Counter display XP02 KSD04

Triple display: 158 units

Dimension (height x width x depth): 22"X5.5"X7"

Composition of the display:

- KSD782 Bulk USB-C-USB C Cable 1Mx40

- KSD783 Bulk USB-C-Lightning Cable 1Mx40

- KSD784 Bulk USB-C-USB C Cable 2Mx20

- KSD785 Bulk USB-C-Lightning Cable 2Mx20

- KSD979 Dual USB-C and USB-A Wall Charger ETLx10

- KSD980 Dual USB-C and USB-A Car Chargerx10

- KSD975 USB-C Cable USB-C Nylon 1Mx9

- KSD976 USB-C Cable USB-C Nylon 1Mx9

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